13 Days Zambia, Botswana & Zimbabwe

Start your southern journey at the Okavango Delta - one of Africa’s most amazing, sensitive and complex environments supporting a spectacle of wilderness and wildlife. You'll have the chance to experience activities such as game viewing, birding and fishing. However, one can experience the magical world of island and waterways from the land, air and water. Highlights include - seeing the exclusive Sitatunga antelope, which has found refuge in this pristine wetland ecosystem, birds such as the African fish eagle, Pel’s fishing owl as well as many others that provide a spectacular display. Explore the diverse game viewing at Chobe River Front. You will get the opportunity to experience conducted boat and land safari - that will give you the opportunity to see lion, hyena, giraffe, cheetah, zebra and wildebeest. Don’t forget to witness the population of animals the park is well known for - namely as elephant and hippo.

Day 1 to 5 Wildlife Safari Camp, South Luangwa National Park

Day 5 to 8 – Victoria Falls Waterfront Lodge in Livingstone

Day 8 to 10: Amadeus Gardens Lodge, Victoria Falls – Zimbabwe

Day 10 13: Sable Sand Lodge, Hwange National Park – Zimbabwe

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