Trekking and Expedition


Walking Safaris in Kenya; The idea behind the walking safari is to be able to "watch" wildlife rather than to "spot" wildlife in relation to its ecology by hearing, feeling and smelling the bush as they do, and more importantly, experiencing the small wonders of the African bush i.e. from ant lions to dung beetles.

The "watching" of wildlife allows guests to see the highly specialized behavior of the animals in areas where vehicles cannot possible reach or interfere with their ongoing activities.

Participating in the walking Safaris requires patience and peace so not to startle the animals being watched, adding to the safety measure in this activity. The quality of experience is top notch especially for new safari enthusiasts.

Walking Safaris are undertaken to give you an optimal experience - walking when its cool and refreshing, and relaxing when it's hot and sunny.

Our safaris are not mutually exclusive, a photographic safari does rule out the opportunity to do some walking (or any other activity) and vice versa. A combination is perfect for those who enjoy walking but also want the best wildlife photographic opportunities.

The single most popular kind of trip that we send is a combination of walking and game driving. For some itineraries this may be walking and driving in the same location (a walk in the morning and a drive in the evening) and for others it may mean a walking trip in one area and a game drive safari in another.

The areas mentioned below are great for Walking Safari during an Chaz Tours and Travel Kenya Package Tour.