Types of Safaris

You also have a number of choices on the type of Safari you can go on including a luxurious trip and a budget one. It all depends on how deep your pocket is.

You can also pay for a Safari that uses different travel options including fly-ins that enable you to go to your destination by air from Nairobi, luxurious open or closed jeeps, or mini-vans. Fly-ins is convenient, saves you time, and is preferred for young children and senior citizens.

Local hotels use open jeeps especially for short, daily drives into national parks, and closed jeeps are preferred for long-distance drives from one destination to another.

They are comfortable for crisscrossing Kenya to explore its changing landscapes, and see the culture and life experiences of the locals in the different villages and towns you pass on your route.

Find out beforehand what options for long-distance travel are available in the different hotels and make your preferred choice to ensure your highest comfort and affordability.