Safari Safty Rules

No matter where you go in sub-Saharan Africa, there are rules and regulations you must follow when in the bush. Rules designed to keep you and the animals alive. Be aware, most rangers will watch you get eaten before they kill one of their beloved animals. So follow the rules.

  • Always stay in the van, truck or 4WD – Africa is not a zoo and its animals will eat you. There have been too many terrible cases of people getting out to try and grab the perfect photo.
    It always ends badly.
  • Never turn your back – this is more for intrepid folks undertaking a walking or cycling safari (one of the great joys of Africa). The only thing that turns and runs in Africa is prey, so predators like lions may chase you.
  • Listen to your guide – not every situation can be safe for you. If your guide advises you to move on or back away, then do so.
  • Keep your voices down – animals scare easily and you wouldn‘t want to miss a pride of lions because you are chatting too loudly.

These are the simple rules and they will differ. From Botswana to Kenya, South Africa to Uganda, all rules vary. But they are aimed at keeping you safe, keeping the animals safe and keeping the tourist dollars flowing.