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Safari takes you to visit our favorite Destinations: Crater Lake and Crescent Island Sanctuary and Hell’s Gate National Park — easy to see game such as Giraffes, Waterbucks, Elands, Zebras and various Gazelles. Masai Mara is the Africa that everyone dreams of — enjoy 3 glorious Days of the Safari viewing Elephant's, Lion's, Leopard's, Cheetah's, T ... Read More

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  • Itinerary for the Students Safari

  • Day 1 Nairobi Arrival

  • Day 1 Nairobi Arrival

  • Day 2 Crescent Island Lake Naivasha

  • Day 3 Visit Hell's Gate National Park

  • Day 4 Visit Crater Lake Game Sanctuary

  • Day 5, Day 6 & Day 7 Masai Mara Game Reserve

  • Day 8 Kiambethu Tea Farm & To Nairobi For Outbound Flight